What We Call Christianity-Isn’t!

I have become convinced that what we in the west call Christianity is something that Jesus would not recognize as the church that he established and that he is the foundation for. 

We changed Christianity to look like Western culture instead of letting the Word of God and his Spirit define and transorm us into the image of Christ.  My desire is that we who say we are followers of Jesus Christ will examine ourselves,  let God’s word and the convicting power of the Holy Spirit challenge and change us.

We have churches raising millions of dollars for buildings while the poor among them struggle.  We have well paid pastors and congregations that have defaulted to having the professionals do the work of the ministry.  We have pastors near burnout.  We have people leaving the church because they believe it has become impotent and irrelevant in their lives and their communities.  We focus on political and cultural issues and completely fail in discipleship.  We spend more time with bible studies from books people have written and not nearly enough time in the scriptures.  We buy our houses, cars, and boats but give the Lord little more than a tip.

It’s time for prosperity minded, comfort seeking Christianity to crumble and for faithful Christ followers who love God and love people to stand and show the world what following Christ is about. 

I’m humbled when I read about the early churc and I’m ashamed when I look at my own life.  I’m on a journey to let God recapture me as his child.  I want the church to be conformed to the image of Jesus that we can be his witnesses.  Will you join me on this journey?


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