Gospel Poverty – Love the Concept -Hate the Term

I have a friend who introduced me to the term Gospel Poverty.  I have to say, I really don’t like it.  When you see what it’s talking about, I’m not sure I believe it’s properly descriptive.  Yes some people can go to extremes to make themselves poor for the advancement of the Kingdom and to helpthe poor.  I’m not quite sure that most Christians are called to “poverty.”  Maybe that depends what poverty means.  I do believe that we are to live simply so that we have time, energy, and resources for the advancement of the Kingdom and to love, help, and serve the poor.

Anyway, I have been on a journey exploring a lifestyle of simplicity for the purpose of having more resources to advance the Kingdom at first.  Then it spilled over into the way I spend my time.  Television is no longer a big time waster for me… and other ways.

Here’s an interview I did with my friend Joseph Cartwright.  He and I will be doing a conference in Arlington, TX ( in the Dallas Fort Worth area) in July from the 10th to the 12th.  It’s not so great, it had to be done kind of impromptu because it’s hard for us to get our schedules together.  But I hope it’s informative.

Gospel Poverty Part One

Gospel Poverty Part Two

You can see my take on Gospel Poverty here.

Joseph’s Gospel Poverty site and also for information on the conference go here.

What do you think.  Is Gospel Poverty biblical?



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2 responses to “Gospel Poverty – Love the Concept -Hate the Term

  1. Jeff G. Rottman

    I agree with the overall concept of “living simply” as a child of God. We as disciples of Jesus should gear our whole life towards Him, and put God’s work, and His will, first in our lives, our money, and our time.
    We, as New Testament believers should not cling to the Old Testament laws, such as the concept of tithing, (i.e. giving 10 percent to God and keeping the rest for our own pleasure and goals). We should say to God, “All I have is yours”.
    God has blessed my wife and I so much and He supplies all our needs, and then some, giving us the “desires of our hearts”, which should be aligned with “His” heart and will.

    We should come before Him honestly and say, “my life is in your hands” and trust Him for all our needs, and not worry about tomorrow.

  2. johnlunt

    thanks for commenting. I agree with you. You are right, since I started living this way, I give far more than before…and yest I have more in the bank than ever before and I am lacking nothing.

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