Am I really Pro Life?


The Gallup organization just released a poll that said for the first time since they’ve been tracking it, a majority of Americans consider themselves Pro-Life.  Story Here.

I tend to think that the church should focus on the Kingdom of God rather than politics.  That has been my view for some time now.  If we are concerned about the “morality” of our nation we should put our effort and energy into praying, hearing God, obeying and watching as he changes lives.  The solution to “immorality” is not legislation, but changed hearts.

The area that I make an exception is abortion.   While I want the hearts of the mothers changed- I am pro-life because I believe children are being killed.

During the last election cycle a lot of my brothers and sisters in Christ said they were pro-life but they couldn’t let that be an overriding issue.  They were voting based on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  They were voting for help for the poor.  Those of us who opposed Barak Obama were often accused of being “single issue’ voters.  That’s not accurate.  Fundamentally I disagree with Barak Obama on economic policies, on foriegn policy, on military policy and host of other issues.  

I do agree with him, at least in principal on the need to improve life for the poor, holding corporations accountable and a few other issues.

For those who wonder how the abortion issue can be an overriding issue the question comes down to this:

Is the child in the womb still a child?  As one who is pro-life and Christian, I believe it is.  I believe that child already has a Spirit.  That makes it a human being.

If that is the case, how can abortion not be a major issue when 1.2 million children are killed in their mother’s womb every year?  That’s over 3000 children per day.  In 4-5 years you have the equivelant of the number of people who perished in the holocaust.  It’s a greater death toll than all the lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq.  So I ask my brothers and sisters in Christ how this cannot be a major issue?

Now, asking that question has brought me to a place of introspection.  If I truly believe what I say I believe, how can I only vote the issue?  What else can I do or should I do?  What does he want me to do.  Obviously violence is out of the question.  However, is civil protest and risking jail something I should consider?  If those are really babies being executed – then what should I do?   Are these babies?  Are they my neigbors?  Do I love them?

Is it OK to be pro-life, have the bumper sticker,  sit in the pews,  vote Republican and think that I’ve really done anything for those that I claim to care about?

I don’t have an answer.  I don’t know if God is moving me toward something on this issue.  So all I know to do is pray.  It’s obvious the church as a whole’s actions have not matched it’s rhetoric.  It’s a good political issue.  But what are we really willing to do about this travesty.  For the blood of these children are on ourhands – and on mine.

I have to pray.  Maybe that’s all God wants from me right now.  I don’t know.  But something is shifting in my Spirit and in my thinking.


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