Mega Church Giving Money Away

I love Cross Timbers Community Church.  I always have.  I was there for the very first public service, the second Sunday of 2000.  I was at Cross Timbers for five years when I was forced to leave to begin another part of my faith walk by the Lord.   I still pray for Cross Timbers,  I pass the church everyday on the way home and love it very much.  I was really pleased when I heard what was going on at the church.   They are giving money away.

First of all Cross Timbers is a mega church.  It wasn’t by design,  it just drew people.  The church serves about 5000 people or so in three campuses. 

The Lord started working on the heart of Pastor Toby Slough that the church’s role is to help hurting people, including those that are hurting financially.

The videos below tell the story.  As of this date,  Cross Timbers has given away about half a million dollars.  But God has been faithful and giving has gone up accordingly.  It’s an amazing Kingdom principle that everyone should note.   The church let people take money from the offering baskets.  They gave away money to local charitable organizations.  They paid utility bills and took care of other needs for members of the church and the community in financial need.   They gave away $50 to each family in the church to bless people and help with needs that they found.  They gave $100 to single moms on Mothers Day.  This is exciting stuff.  This is the Kingdom of God in action. 

The church also has seen many people make decisions to follow Christ.  This past Sunday they baptised 294 people.

If you give it away, it keeps coming back. There is no lack of finances or any other needed resource in the Kingdom of God if we walk by faith, God will handle our needs.


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