Missional Mom Storying the Bible for Refugees

B  and her husband T are friends of mine who are passionate about Jesus and his mission in the world.   They are passionate about reaching lost people and seeing them discipled into mature believers in Christ.  I just recieved this email from a friend in our simple church network.  I removed  the person’s name since they may be moving towards international missions some time in the future.
Tonight Maite came over with Juan Miguel, and shared that the other night she prayed and gave her life to Christ,
and asked about I’s baptism.  She wanted to know how long she had to wait or what she had to do to get baptized. 
We have never formally talked about this- although I have been storying with her since January, we were at the
Jesus getting baptized story a couple of weeks ago, and due to some different things, I hadn’t storied with her in
the past two weeks.  It is so awesome to see the power of the Holy Spirit, drawing people to himself, and to see
the seed that was planted bear fruit.

Praise Jesus,
She is going to get baptized at her apartment complex pool on June 17th…you all are invited…


B learned bible storying several months ago and started by storying the bible with Cuban refugee women.  Maite is the first fruit of that effort.  B and her husband T are also now storying the bible with Bhutanese refugees that live nearby.


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