Skype – the Internet – The Church

A friend of mine, Willie Butler, was once part of a worship team called FACE DOWN.  Frankly up until a week ago, I didn’t know about this part of his past.

Well, the group had broken up several years ago as all of the team members went on to their various ministries that God had called them to.

The group decided to get together for a night of worship at the Church they had all attended as kids and young men, First Baptist Church in Flower Mound, Texas.  All but one were in the area and it seemed a good time to get together.

One member is now a church planting missionary in Poland.   He obviously couldn’t make it -0r did he.  They set up a camera in the sanctuary so he could see what was going on and they set up a skype connection.  It was so immediate.  He got to say hi to his mom and dad who were attending and they had the opportunity to tell him how proud they were of him.  He talked about what they were doing and their prayer requests.  He also took questions from people.

It was really awesome.  I’m wondering what this could mean for the future of the Church when you can use an internet technology like Skype.  Could it mean that technology like this could be used for pastor’s conferences in third world nations?  Would that be a good thing?  Or would it lead to even more relationship problems.

I was amazed at the technology.  What could it be used for?  What are the possibilities?  What are the risks?

In places that are remote and we want to build schools but maybe we don’t have teachers there, can we use technology like this to bring teachers into the classroom?  I don’t know.    But it’s worth thinking about and questioning.



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2 responses to “Skype – the Internet – The Church

  1. Rod

    I am a part of a house church in Lancaster Pa. and a couple in our church moved to Branson, Missouri and another couple moved to Geneva, NY.
    One Sunday we had two computers set up and there camera’s facing each other in the room we then sat in two half circles between them. It was pretty amazing for us. The family in NY played piano and led out in some songs and we sang right along with the piano and them. We led songs from are area as well. We were doing a book study at the time and they entered the comments and discussion just like every body else. We were disappointed though that the camera didn’t pick up the picture on the other screens very well so that the people in Missouri couldn’t see the people in NY and vice versa but they could hear well because we had are computers hooked up to are radio speakers. I don’t think it was quite as meaningful for the families who were in the different states as it was for the core group in Lancaster. It may have been because we had better systems here then they had or the lack of a larger group on location to experience it with.

    • johnlunt

      It’s interesting, what can be done with technology. In some cases it’s great…in others not so great.
      My old church now has three campuses and the “message” is done with a satellite feed. Why?

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