Oral Roberts – Man of Faith

I was saddened today to hear about the passing of Oral Roberts.  He was a leader in the healing movement in the 1950s.  I know a lot of people don’t respect him, but I do.

I disagreed with some of his theology, but I rarely saw Jesus commending people for “good theology.”  He made mistakes.  He wasn’t perfect.  But I am convinced that he loved God and he preached Jesus.

Here’s what Jesus did commend people for – their Faith.  He commended people who were outside the covenant of Israel because of their great faith – with the promise they would be ones who would sit at the table with Abraham.

Oral Roberts was a man of faith.  He would lay hands on the sick and believe God for their healing.  Did they all get healed – No.  Did most receive healing- probably not.  But many did get healed.   Many also came to faith in Christ through his ministry.   So when all the negative stuff starts being said about Oral Roberts, count me out.  It is said in Hebrews that faith was accounted to Abraham for righteousness.

Even in his old age,  his faith seemed vibrant and alive.  He also seemed to me to be humble but confident in God.  I can still hear him saying as he always seemed to whenever I saw him in an interview or something,  “Have Faith in God.”

On a more personal level, early in my Christian walk, I remember God taking me back through some things I needed to repent of.  One of the things specifically was the way I had talked about Oral Roberts before I came to Christ.  I was very negative about him, and I made it known.  I felt convicted that I needed to make this right.  So I sent him a letter, told him what I had done,  and asked his forgiveness.

I received a personal response back.  It wasn’t a form letter.  It specifically mentioned things that I had put in the letter.  He assured me of the Lord’s forgiveness, of his own forgiveness and thanked me for writing to him.  Then he put in a blessing.  He didn’t have to do that.  He didn’t need to respond to me personally.  I was never put on a mailing list and never asked for money.  I honor him for that and for the humility with which he responded to me, a young man in the Lord.

I don’t know his heart at the end, but I believe he finished well, and I suspect that he will receive a “well done” from the Master.


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