Living in Christ Like a Scene From the Matrix

Christianity and the Matrix

Did you ever feel like your were in a chair sitting in front of your Heavenly Father and he’s presenting you with a choice of pills.  Take the blue pill and wake up and believe whatever you want …but take the red pill and you’ll see how far this rabbit hole of the Christian Life can go.

Things are changing.  My perceptions of reality, righteousness, and other things are being challenged.  It’s actually very disorienting.

What is life?  What is abundant life?  What is purpose?  Lots of questions?  Lots of challenges?


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One response to “Living in Christ Like a Scene From the Matrix

  1. Mark


    As a sci-fi fan I tend to find biblical truth where the screenwriters never intended it to be. Matrix is no exception. I like your description of Christianity as a “rabbit hole”. As I step back from my life and examine what has transpired, I feel like my experience of God is an orange. Prior to walking out of organized Christianity I simply explored different parts of the outside peel, and thought I was doing great. I had no idea that there was depth, and the further I go the more I realize how deep He is! Maybe we should start a blog detailing the spiritual lessons to be learned from sci-fi films?


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