jdl-webpic1I am a Christ follower who is convinced that what we call the church – the institution – is wrong.  When I think back to the first century,  I wonder how many of themselves considered themselves part of an institution.  I suspect they were people who were serious about their faith who gathered together regularly to live life together, to encourage each other, to worship.  Church was wherever believers gathered.  Church was wherever two or more were gathered in the name of Jesus

While I will challenge some of what we do.  I’m more interested in examining the possibilities of the Church and what it could be through the leading of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.  I don’t want to spend too much time on efforts at deconstructing the church as it is… I really don’t need to – it seems to be deconstructing itself without my help.

The purpose of reboot is to clear the boards as much as possible of what we “thought” it should be and relook at the original programming.  Let’s reboot so we can go back to the original programming without the garbage the system has collected and is messing up the system.

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  1. Hey, John…you are just one more of the many around the world who are processing this very same thing. Your “reboot” makes me thing of Alan Hirsch’s newest book, “ReJesus”, where he and Michael Frost talk about rebooting our thoughts about Jesus and his Kingdom mission.

    I have been working on a vision for over three years now, which I have called CovenantClusters. You could follow that link on my blog to see some of what that means to me … but it is similar. The Holy Spirit is, indeed, moving in this direction.

  2. Jeff Rottman

    John, I found a this article by a man in Kansas regarding churches and money…

    A Kansas Pastor lays it on the line regarding Money and Churches! http://tinyurl.com/pczh7l

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