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Signs of God – or Deception

There is a lot being said in Charismatic circles about some signs that people are taking as proof of God’s presence.  Some of these “signs” include:

  • orbs
  • angelic feathers
  • jewels
  • gold dust
  • oil on hands or other body parts

These signs” are disturbing .  We know the enemy is capable of supernatural acts.  I’ve heard people suggest these can’t be the enemy because the worship was so great.

When these “signs” appear what is the result.  I’ll tell you what the result is, people start getting distracted with them.  It takes the eyes off of Jesus and these “events” or “activities.”

What do they accomplish then?  Every supernatural act of Jesus had  a reason and a purpose beyond being a “sign.”  A person was healed.  Blind men were made to see.  The Deaf heard.  The multitudes were fed.  The dead were returned to life.

I am not opposed to the supernatural of God.  I am pentecostal/charismatic in my beliefs.  I long to see the true acts of Jesus – the deaf hearing, the blind seeing, the lame walking, people being healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.   I have laid hands on the sick and seen God heal them.  I’ve prayed for changes in weather and God has done it when there was a real need.  When feeding groups of homeless people, I’m pretty sure that God has multiplied the food.  I believe in the real and supernatural power of God.

There is no record of  orbs, gold dust, angelic feathers or jewels from heaven during the ministry of Jesus or the Apostles.

When I’ve challenged some on this:  Their response is Jesus said “and greater things will you do.”  Really!  Jewels which have no value,  gold dust, oil on hands and angelic feathers are greater than raising the dead, healing the sick, opening blind eyes, feeding the hungry, making the deaf to hear and casting out demons?

I am convinced that these so-called “signs” are deceptions from the enemy to get us off track.    I don’t believe the Holy Spirit is interested in indulging us in trivialities.

For those that think these things can’t happen when the Holy Spirit is present.  I would remind you of the parable of the wheat and the tares.  According to this parable often the evil and false ends up planted beside the true and real.

I would ask you to search the scriptures.  I would ask you to ask the Lord and see what he says.

I also want to address those that are into the idea of  “toking” the Holy Spirit.  That is very close to blasphemy.  It is a substantial stretch from being “filled with the Spirit.”   The Holy Spirit is not your personal party pal.  He is the most High God and deserving of the respect, love, and obedience of the Father and Jesus.   I see this movement as nothing more than trivializing the  Spirit of the Most High God.  I am convinced that when he sees the excess being done in his name,  he is grieved.

I am beyond caring if people like what I have to say on these issues. I don’t intend to be intentionally offensive, but I intend to speak out on these issues.  I don’t care who does or doesn’t agree or like me.  If you are going to challenge me – fine – but do it with scripture.  Not your opinions.

When they came to Jesus looking for a sign, he said an evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign.  Jesus didn’t do signs to show off.  He did them to change lives.


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